In order to conduct child protection mediation work in the province of Ontario, mediators must be registered on the Ontario Child Protection Mediation Roster.  The Ministry has established training and eligibility requirements that must be met in order for a mediator to be placed on the roster (Ministry Policy Directive: CW 005-06).  Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be accepted into the five day training, and subsequently placed on the roster:

1. Accreditation as a Family Mediator by OAFM, Certification as a Family Mediator by FMC or Chartered status as a Family Mediator by ADRIO, or equivalency, defined as:

a) A professional degree or diploma in the social services or children’s services;
b) Completion of at least 60 hours of training in family mediation, to include 20 hours of skill based training; 
c) Completion of 14 hours of domestic violence training;
d) Completion of at least 10 family law mediation cases to the point of agreement, with submission of Memorandum of Understanding. 

2.  Proof of professional liability insurance.

3.  A satisfactory criminal record check or submission of your security clearance number, both obtained within the last three years.

4.  Three satisfactory professional references, two of which must be from people with whom you have co-mediated a family matter or who have referred family law cases to you.  (Reference form)

5.  Signed Declaration Form to abide by the Child Protection Mediation Code of Professional Conduct

6.  A current curriculum vitae.

7.  Successful completion of the Ministry approved five day Child Protection Mediation Course.  This is an evaluated course which considers both the results of a written test and evaluated role play exercises.  Typically this course is held once per year.  Mediators interested in taking this course can notify OAFM of their interest to ensure that they are notified of scheduled courses.

Application Process

The five day training child protection mediation course is not open to the public and only candidates who apply to be on the roster and meet the other pre-requisites will be eligible to attend.  The application process requires the candidate to:

1.     Complete the on-line application form, which creates your profile.  

2.     Upload the required documentation as set out above to your profile by clicking on "Select File".  

3.     The fee of $113 (includes HST) is payable on the OAFM website under the heading Events.  Please upload a  copy of Certificate of Completion from Introductory Course or Letter of Exemption in your profile.  

4.  Once your pre-requisites have been reviewed and approved by the Child Protection Mediation Course/Roster Approval Committee, you will be notified of your acceptance into the Child Protection Mediation Training.

5.  Once you have been accepted into the training, you will be provided with a credit card authorization form to submit the course fee of $1,900.00 (plus HST).

6.  Upon successful completion of all three elements of the five day course (written test, peer evaluation and instructor evaluation of role play), you will automatically be added to the Ontario Child Protection Mediation Roster.